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Hi Beautiful Souls
If you are interested in purchasing anything please send me a message either via the contact form or by e-mail and I will arrange this for you.  If you are purchasing crystals I want to assure you that these are all ethically sourced and have an extremely low impact on mama earth.  I will intuitvely pick the crystals for you and they will also be infused with Reiki healing energy before sending them to their new home.  I am also excited to say I am now stocking products from Arora London.  These products fuse the power of crystals with essential oils to support you in your daily life and to enhance your wellbeing and they smell Absolutely Divine!  I know you will Love them just as much as me.  
Love & Light 
Kim x x x 


Amethyst £1

Blue Lace Agate.JPG

Blue Lace Agate £4

Black Tourmaline Rough.JPG

Black Tourmaline
Rough £4

Natural Smoky Quartz.JPG

Natural Smoky Quartz
Rough £5

Rose Quartz Rough.JPG

Madagascan Rose Quartz
Rough £5


Sodalite £2

Red Jasper.JPG

Red Jasper £2

Light Green Aventurine.JPG

Light Green Aventurine


Unakite £2

Ice Clear Quartz.JPG

Ice Clear Quartz £5

Chiastolite £3                    Selenite £5


Labradorite £5

Blue Aventurine.JPG

Blue Aventurine £1.50

Tigers Eye.JPG

Tigers Eye £2

Moss Agate.JPG

Moss Agate £2


Hematite £4

Rose Quartz Tumble.JPG

Rose Quartz £5

Gift Voucher.JPG

Gift Vouchers for services only 

Live in the Light candle image.JPG

Live in the Light Candle £26

You are Loved candle image.JPG

You are Loved Candle £26 SOLD OUT

You are Loved bath sale image.JPG

You are Loved Bath Salts £16

So to Sleep Bath salt image.JPG

So to Sleep Bath Salts £16

You are loved room mist image.JPG

You are Loved Room & Pillow Mist £18 - SOLD OUT

Live in the Light mist image.JPG

Live in the Light Room & Pillow Mist £18 - SOLD OUT

Gua Sha image.JPG

Gua Sha £15 - SOLD OUT

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