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Massage is a fantastic way to relieve stress and tension within your body.  It also has many other benefits such as allievating pain from joint problems and helps with circulation.  These treatments will leave you feeling completely Relaxed and Blissed out.

Face, Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
40 mins of Gentle massage techniques used to aid in relaxation incorporating Rose Quartz Gua Sha which will leave you feeling Fabulous    £30

Indulge in a 1hr treatment as above £40

Reiki Massage
A 1hr treatment as above to incorporate the Beautiful Healing Energies of Reiki      £40

Massage with Crystals
A 1hr treatment using Crystals with chakra cleanse, charge, balance and alignment    £40

Heavenly Hand & Foot Massage
Take care of your hands and feet with this Relaxing 40mins massage to include the lower arm and lower leg area. Sheer Bliss!    £30

Indulge in a 1hr Treatment as above £40

Heavenly Scalp Massage
A 30min treatment of deeply relaxing massage using coconut oil and a jade Gua sha £20

Heavenly Hand Massage
A 30min treatment of gentle massage to include the lower arm  £20

Heavenly Foot Massage
A 30min treatment of gentle massage to include the lower leg  £20


*Please note if less than 48hrs notice is given for a cancellation then half the appointment price will be due before another appointment is given and if less than 24hrs notice then the full price will be due . 

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