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Reiki is a sacred and powerful laying on of hands healing system.  It brings the body's energies into balance. Reiki is a  Japenese word that represents Universal Life Force (Rei) and Energy (Ki).  The energy is channelled through the healer and is absorbed subconsciously in appropriate amounts by the healee. Reiki can help on every level of being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Why not add on a face and head massage (to include Rose Quartz Gua Sha) to your Energy Healing Treatment.  This is a fantastic addition to your treatment and brings an extra dose of relaxation and bliss helping you to completely switch off, release stress and tension and will leave you feeling Fabulous! 15mins £10

50 minute treatment of deeply relaxing energy healing £30

Express Reiki
30 minute treatment of deeply relaxing energy healing perfect for those short on time or as a top up inbetween appointments  £25

Distance Reiki
I offer distance Reiki for those who still want all the benefits of a Reiki treatment but who are unable to travel to my location. 
50 minute treatment of deeply relaxing distance energy healing  £30

Reiki with Cystals 
A 1hr treatment with chakra crystal placement combining two beautiful healing energies.  (This can also be carried out through distance healing) £35

Reiki for Children and Teenagers
This 30 minute treatment is perfect for children and teenagers who are struggling with emotions, pressure of exams, feeling shy, nervous, anxious or low, those who are dealing with bullying or people being unkind, any health concerns, mental health issues, low self-esteem and confidence etc.  These sessions will be done 'hands off' instead of using 'hands on' the body and a parent or guardian will be required to be present at the time of the healing. These healing sessions can be extremely beneficial for helping your children to cope (distance healing also available)    £20

*Please note if less than 48hrs notice is given for a cancellation then half the appointment price will be due before another appointment is given and if less than 24hrs notice then the full price will be due . 


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