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Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is about empowering you to find your own truth and perceive, acknowledge and welcome that part of yourself that is already Divine.

Angelic Reiki is Love and Wisdom received directly from the Angels.  It works on whatever it is that you need at that time and on every level of being physcial, emotional, mental and spiritual to bring balance back to your entire being.

This is such a beautiful healing treatment that connects you directly with
Divine Love.

Why not add on a face and head massage (to include Rose Quartz Gua Sha) to your Energy Healing Treatment.  This is a fantastic addition to your treatment and brings an extra dose of relaxation and bliss helping you to completely switch off, release stress and tension and will leave you feeling Fabulous! 15mins £10

A beautiful 50min treatment of Angelic Reiki £40

A 1hr treatment as above incorporating crystals £45

Distance healing available for both treatments  

Please note if less than 48hrs notice is given for a cancellation then half the appointment price will be due before another appointment is given and if less than 24hrs notice then the full price will be due . 

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