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Crystal Healing Therapy is the practive of using crystals on people to bring about healing to enhance wellness in the physical and energetic body.  The use of crystals has been around for thousands of years being used by ancient civilisations including the Egyptians, Hebrews and Aztecs.  
Crystal healing is an energy-ba
sed system. Crystals help unblock, balance and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.  Distance healing also available

Why not add on a face and head massage (to include Rose Quartz Gua Sha) to your Energy Healing Treatment.  This is a fantastic addition to your treatment and brings an extra dose of relaxation and bliss helping you to completely switch off, release stress and tension and will leave you feeling Fabulous! 15mins £10

Crystal Placement Therapy
A 50 minute wonderfully relaxing treatment for overall wellbeing using a selection of beautiful crystals laid on the chakras.  Treatment will also include chakra cleanse, charge, balance and alignment, third eye massage, aura spray and selenite sheild   £30

Crystal Placement Therapy with Reiki
A 1hr wonderfully relaxing treatment as above incorporating Reiki bringing together 2 beautiful healing modalities  £35

Crystal Bodyworker Therapy
This 1hr treatment will use powerful Crystal body layouts and Reiki healing energy to support healing for common health issues (Please see below for list of layouts)     £40
Choose from; Attracting Love; Supporting Depression; Feeling Lost; Letting Go; Manifestation; Overcoming Addiction; Overcoming Anger; Overcoming Fear; Overcoming Self-Loathing; Releasing Emotional Trauma; Recovering from Sexual Abuse; Strength & Courage; Anxiety & Stress; Detoxification; Headaches & Migraine; Health & Wellness; Increased Energy; Inner Peace; Manifesting Happiness & Joy; Menopause; PMS & Period Pain; Public Speaking; Self-Esteem; Sexual Health/Libido; Sleep & Insomnia and Transition & Change

Please note if less than 48hrs notice is given for a cancellation then half the appointment price will be due before another appointment is given and if less than 24hrs notice then the full price will be due . 

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