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Small Group Healings - 1hr £25pp

These healings are for a group of min 3 people and max 6 people.  This healing session is perfect for you and your friends or family. This consists of either Reiki or Angelic Reiki healing energy given both individually and as a group with crystals also being used.  This experience is a bonding and empowering one that we can share with those closest to us.  It will raise your vibration working on whatever you need at the time.  In this intimate setting you will experience as a group a beautiful healing session which will leave you calm, centered and grounded.  This truly is a unique and magical experience.

Couples Healing - 1hr £50

These healing sessions are for couples who are in new relationships or those who have been together for years.  Reiki or Angelic Reiki healing energy and crystal healing will be used to provide a sacred and loving healing experience.  These sessions are perfect for couples who want to feel a deeper connection to each other or for couples who are feeling disconnected from one another.  These sessions are also fantastic for those who are in couples therapy and provide a valuable soothing addition as you work through issues in the relationship.  
These sessions reconnect and deepen relationships, facilitates harmony and communication and balances the energy of the couple both individually and together making this a beautiful, loving and  connected healing session

*Please note if less than 48hrs notice is given for a cancellation then half the appointment price will be due before another appointment is given and if less than 24hrs notice then the full price will be due . 

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